CONTRAL CENTER SIGN Overview Specifications Case Study

Traffic Command Center Sign

YAHAM H0 series adopts the high-quality and high-density SMD leds as a display panel. It could be achieved to make a high-resolution LED screen of any size by seamless splice. It could fully meet the requirements for the broadcasting station, the command center, conference room, information display and other application which needs seamless and high-quality image. It takes the place of the traditional indoor LCD splicing wall and DLP projection splicing products, to provide customers with indoor professional system solutions.

Pixel-by-pixel calibration with more pure and nature colors

Before After

Low brightness and high grey level with more refined display

YAHAM LED display Ordinary LED diaplay

Delicate structure


Each cabinet weights only 7.3kg and could be carried using one hand. 1m² of the cabinet is about 31.7kg/m² with a little footprint which is good for transportation and installation.


The cabinet, strong and not easy for deformation, employs die-casting aluminum housing made by CNC, which achieves high-precision and seamless splicing with the precision of 0.1mm.


Integrated design without any fan depends on natural convection for heat dissipation.Its super quiet.


Front/Rear access is available.All the demands for various installation space could be met by full considering engineering use.


Each module is 240mmx240mm and could be commonly used among the cabinets.


Connection design for power/signal cables between cabinets highly improves the reliability.


The cabinet is for fixed/movable intallation. With multiple options of the pixel pitch for the same struture, the cabinet can be widely used in the different area.


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