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Yaham entertains visitors with LED Trailer Panel at Traffex 2019

2019-04-05 14:08:00

On April 2, Birmingham ushers in the 25th Traffex Part of Transport Network with a grand worldwide exhibition. More than 290 exhibitors, which outnumbers any previous one, from all over the world participate in the exhibition. Among all the products on display, the LED trailer panel presented by Yaham becomes the spotlight.

This trailer panel can be the fastest way to deliver traffic instructions, notifications, and other related road information for the occasions and has been widely used at home and abroad.

The trailer panel is also applicable to traffic construction sites, fire alarm sites and parking lots. Due to its excellent mobility, trailer panel delivers useful traffic information including, speed reminder, weather and so forth, resulting in lower traffic accident rate. It also displays instructions, notifications and related road information from Traffic Transportation Department so as to effectively guide traffic and improve road transportation capacity.

In addition, Yaham trailer panel is designed with an alternative powered by solar system to make it more energy efficient. By working with utility power system, it could work properly without interruption, even in the wet-season.

To switch contents, the traditional trailer panels are usually controlled remotely by computer and contents cannot be changed instantly. By introducing a handheld terminal that supports accurate and effective date collection and code scan log-in, contents displayed on Yaham’s panel can be switched whenever and wherever possible, the terminal also helps to flexibly control the screen lifting, making the whole process faster and more efficient. At the same time, the smart handheld terminal device can also fold the unfold the panel by one-button remote control. It ensuring the safety and reducing wind resistance during transportation.

With the acceleration of the process of smart cities and the emergence of new technologies and concepts such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet, “smart transportation” is becoming a universally recognized new integrated transportation system development concept. In this context, intelligent traffic display products have become much-talked-about topics. As a pioneer of LED display technology, Yaham will continue to introduce more high-quality intelligent transportation products to add to the wisdom of smart transportation.

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