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Yaham Rental products releases at InfocommAsia 2019

2019-05-20 10:46:00
Infocomm Southeast Asia 2019, hosted by Infocomm Asia, kicks off on May 15 in Bangkok, Thailand, Yaham makes its appearance with brand new rental product – YS series.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of advertising communication mode and carrier, from the initial sign advertisement to dynamic advertising screen to the huge LED display, LED screen has become a dominator in advertising.

But the idea of installing a fixed display will always be discouraged due to improper installation environment, limited budget or low use frequency. As a result of it, rental LED display comes as a perfect solution thanks to its high return on investment ( ROI ), By only covering the rental bill, you are free to use the display to do propaganda or creating atmosphere while assuming small investment risks.

Compared with fixed LED display, rental LED display requires a more portable, slim, easy-to-use and seamless designed structure owing to its special application scenarios - frequent movement and repeated assembly or disassembly, and it has to be more stringent on industry design, structure design and materials.

Made by die-cast aluminum, YR has a slim and stable architecture that weighs only 7.2kg per cabinet. Equipped with fast lock and cabinet position fixtures, YR cabinets could achieve perfect alignment flatness. In addition, YR new structure is compatible with a variety of installation methods: lifting, stacking and curve. YR cabinet featuring plus or minus 7.5°curve design to further customize your display and meet different circumstances.

In addition to the rental LED display and the regular traffic display, Yaham also exhibits a floor tile screen. The successful application of the floor tile screen can be traced back to the Spring Festival Gala 2009 and it marks a breakthrough in the creative expression of stage. Since then, the floor tile screen has become an irreplaceable display product in floor decoration, business activities, bars and other entertainment applications. The combination of floor tile screen and main screen creates a three-dimensional dynamic display effect for the stage.

YR series is interchangeable with a floor LED display, with the built-in weight sensor, it could display contents that are able to interact with audience. The surface is mounted with a transparent PC panel, which is dust-proof and waterproof and carries load up to 2 tons. With a designed ingress protection up to IP65, YR could work properly under any circumstances.

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