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Yaham sparkles at Mediatech Africa 2019

2019-08-02 17:08:42

Media & Entertainment Technology Trade Show (referred as Mediatech Africa) kicks off on 17th July 2019 at Johannesburg South Africa. At booth B10 & F36, Yaham showcases its brand-new transparent and rental LED displays.

As a member of the BRICS countries, South Africa is known as the engine of the African economy and has an unshakable economic status in the world. As the only professional stage of lighting and audio equipment and music exhibition in Africa, Mediatech has a great influence in African region and global industry, providing a perfect platform for the display of new interactive technologies and audiovisual solutions.

Since the first appearance in China last year, Yaham transparent screen has been very active in major exhibitions at home and abroad, from ISE in Netherlands and DSE in the United States to the media architectures of IFC in the United States. Yaham brings unique brilliance to the audiences all over the world with continuous innovation in transparent display technology.

C0 series front light emitting transparent LED display can displays videos or images while maintains room lighting. With a groundbreaking layout design, PCB is embedded inside the diode board directly, it not only ensures safety and reliability of PCB and diodes, but also protects the environment from light pollution. “As one of the most influential exhibitions in South Africa, it’s a great honor for us to show our latest products here. Transparent screen is a brand-new product in Africa which provides infinite possibilities for more creative display. With the development of economy in South Africa, I trust that transparent screen will be attractive here” says Jane Liu, overseas sales manager of Yaham, in an interview.

In addition, YR series rental LED display is also an eye-catcher product in the show. YR new structure is compatible with a variety of installation methods: lifting, stacking and curve. YR cabinet featuring plus or minus 7.5°curve design to further customize your display and meet different circumstances. Equipped with fast lock and cabinet position fixtures, YR cabinets could achieve perfect alignment flatness. Moreover, YR series can double use as dance floor and it’s interchangeable with a floor LED display, with the built-in weight sensor, it could display contents that are able to interact with audience. The surface is mounted with a transparent PC panel, which is dust-proof and waterproof and carries load up to 2 tons. With a designed Ingress Protection up to IP65, YR could work properly under any circumstances. Rental LED display comes as a perfect solution cause its high return on investment (ROI).

In addition to transparent and rental LED display, Yaham also showcases its fine pixel pitch LED display and latest product - advertising machine. It is inspiring to witness such a rapidly developed emerging market, Yaham will continue to design and manufacture the industry leading display products for our customers as ever.

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