Highway Traffic System Introduction Topological graph Study Case

Due to the harsh environment and long mileage, stable performance and monitored road signs are basic need for traffic management. High luminance, active luminescence and long life span make LEDs the best choice in the traffic signs application. Road condition, weather condition, charging standard and other information can be displayed to inform drivers via various LED traffic signs on highway.

Road signs are part of highway traffic system and great importance to vehicles flow and safety on the highway. The vehicles speed on highway is quite fast, so the drivers’ reading time of road signs are extremely short, which distinguish highway application from other applications. Gantry LED display, cantilever LED display, LED speed limit signs, LED arrow boards, etc. can be seen on almost every road nowadays.
For the petrol station, tunnel and charging station on the highway, speed warning signs (speed limit sign), arrow boards and other customized traffic signs are commonly used. Also for some road maintenance work, portable trailer sign will help a lot to inform oncoming drivers.
  1. 20mm, 25mm, 31.25mm and 33.33mm are commonly chosen for full matrix traffic signs on highway
  2. Monochrome/ dual-color/full color available
  3. High intensity LED technology to guarantee excellent visibility
  4. Self-check and feedback
  5. High reliable performance in harsh environment
  6. Easy maintenance


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