Traffic Command Center Solution Introduction Topological graph Study Case

Traffic Command center is to take consideration of all roads traffic condition within the whole city and make a final decision to send the require display message to Variable Message Sign(VMS).

The Traffic command center sign plays an important role to offer necessary informaiton to the authorised person , it requrie high resolution and High quality display color to the show the video from the CCTV system.


1. shows Real-time traffic condition with Yaham SMD technology.

2. High-quality and high-density sign to show any video , text and graphic with all kinds of format.

3. All the information from the sub-system can be show in this traffic command center sign, the concern people is able to analyze the traffic condition in the center room only.

4. The visual performance of the sign keeps good condition with 7/24 hours operating time.

5. low operation noise and long lifetime.

6. Reliable technologies to produce high quality sign.

7. Maps can be show on the sign.


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